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Welcome at our portal devoted to the free poker machines! Slots are enjoyed in nearly all countries of the globe and are liked by people of different age, social status, income and level of experience. As a rule all slot machines remind each other, yet they can be called differently. Like, in the United Kingdom slots got the name "fruit machines", in Australia they are commonly known as "poker machines" or "pokies". The name "slot machine" is in fact American one and it is the most used in English-speaking countries. Poker machine has three or more reels and a special lever arm by pulling which machine is set to work. To play the pokies each gambler should put a special casino coin or real money into the poker machine and after the money detector confirms the nomination value of the coin the reels spin. The non-official name for the poker machines is the "one-armed bandit" due to its traditional look. The sizes of win in the pokies depend on the combinations of the symbols which occur when the spinning reels stop. Poker machine games are extremely popular in all Australian ground-based as well as in online casinos as they provide the most of the income (over 70%) the casinos get each week.

The original version of the slot machine close to the modern one is believed to appear in 1887 when Charles Fey created a special mechanism which later was used in the slot machines. This model had three spinning reels and five different symbols were used to make the combinations. Ever since slot machine got the name "Liberty Bell" because of the name of a new symbol implemented by Charles Fey. Slots gained the popularity since the moment they were installed in all American gambling halls and were still enjoyed although these machines were not allowed to play for some time. These days, it seems that poker machine games will never disappear as more and more Australian gamblers are attracted by the simplicity and the aim to reveal the poker machine secrets. On our site you are lucky to familiarize with the online pokies basics and reveal the best poker machine secrets which will guide you to success!

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